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The Licensing and Registration Authority is all set to get started with High Security Number Plates for all types of vehicles in the city. Earlier, there has been high voltage drama over the HSRP in the city. The tender for the plates weren’t called and the work was started which faced protest and finally came to a halt. But this time ┬áthe authorities are all set to tag the new gen number plates on all the vehicles in the city.

So, make sure to be aware when your series is called up for getting the no. plates revised!

One Month – Deadline for each series

They will commence with the ‘R’ series vehicle which got registered before March and don’t have a HSRP yet. One month’s time will be allotted to all the series one by one and the owners of ‘R’ series have got time from 18 September to 18 October to get their plates changed. After this challans will be issued to those who are violating the rules. After the ‘R’ series, the turn of ‘Q’ series will come and so on…

So, whether you’ve a four wheeler or a two wheeler, make sure that you get the new high security number plates┬áchanged with the old one when there is a call for the series you’re bearing.

Where to get high security number plates from?

R.L.A Office, Sector 17

S.D.M Office, Sector 42 (Hockey Stadium)

S.D.M East Office at Industrial Area

Commercial vehicles will get it from State Transport Authority, Sector 18

It costs Rs 79 for two wheeler and Rs 183 for four wheeler!

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