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The Supreme Court has signaled a green flag for passing tenders for High Security Number Plates in Chandigarh. The administrator has got a time line till March 31, 2012 for the same. The high security number plates ensure a vehicles security with many things which are kept in mind while making them.

It was made mandatory by the administration for the new vehicles which got their registration done on August 1 or thereafter to have only these plates but this decision was made without passing a tender and without getting clearance from the Supreme Court. Till the clearance from the court came, more than 4500 vehicles in the city were carrying the high security number plates. Therefore, the court took action and the administration had to cancel and revert its decision. Now that the clearance has come from the court, the administration is going to re-resume this work of registering vehicles with high security number plates.

If all goes well, it will be made compulsory for even the old vehicles to get their number plates changed and switch to the high security number plates soon!

How the high security number plate works?

The plate has got special elements as you can see in the picture. There is a unique hologram which shows that the plate is legit and is manufactured by an authorised agency.

Each plate has got a unique serial no. which is lasered on it for its identification.

The lock which is used to attach the no. plates to the vehicle is permanent and can’t be removed or reused.

The no. on the plate has got ‘INDIA’ inscripted over it.

These all steps are taken to put a control over theft of vehicles in the city although time will only tell that will these be really beneficial in that case!

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Comments (2)

  1. Amit Saroha says:

    Are these really going to be beneficial? i dont think so, thieves will surely get alternatives to keep stealing vehicles.

  2. Arnav Malhotra says:

    Really a great step by the administration. I already got it changed before in August

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